Train, beautify, dress up “with us”!

Train, beautify, dress up “with us”!

Several of you mentioned that you liked it, so we went for another round: once again, we got two Flatco-renting companies on the phone, to tell us about themselves, and also to tell us why they chose us to make their dream come true.

The Flatco family is not made just of cool neighbors living in apartments: more than 30 of our business and office spaces are rented by businesses, who are waiting for you with a wide variety and unique products or services. If you enter one of the shops, you will immediately know that you are in the right place: behind the huge glass portals, you will find a modern, bright and spacious, naturally air-conditioned space with a professional infrastructure. The sophisticated, high-quality materials, the smart solutions and the stylish furniture will remind you of your own trendy Flatco apartment, while the smiling faces promise a pleasant shopping experience.

Yes, we have the same strict requirements for our rental business premises as we do for our apartment rentals. With us, our partners benefit from premium quality, but at an affordable price – providing lousy, dark, narrow business premises or skyrocketing prices are not an option for us! That is why we are proud that among our business property tenants you can find included multinational companies, medium-sized companies, and even family businesses. Get to know two of them – we’ll bet a fiver that you will visit them this week!

Modern beauty

The Royal Body Salon, a real metropolitan oasis, it is easily accessible by public transport or car! The team of the beauty salon is young, cheerful, and committed to the latest treatments and technology, therefore they place special emphasis on continuous professional development and the acquisition of the latest devices.

In the store a beautician and a masseuse are waiting for the guests, their services are expanded by two super-effective body-shaping devices – “infratrainer” plus EMS-Fitness equipment – the services are furthermore expanded by a wave massage machine that intensively stimulates lymphatic and blood circulation that will renew your body and soul in a matter of hours.

Italian-Hungarian relations

When talking about fashion, fabulous Italy is always worth mentioning! Or should we talk about Hungarian designers? We support both directions at the same time, so we are particularly pleased that the Kamsa and More selection does not compromise on either of these! This clothing, accessories, and shoe store is a true style factory, when entering the shop the schedule is as follows: Browsing through the latest trends, and dreamlike pieces first you will feel like you’re having a heart attack – because you will want to buy everything but you’re not a billionaire – and then you touch and turn the price tag and suddenly feel relieved – In addition to discounted prices, promotions and surprises we guarantee that you will not go bankrupt by shopping here –  in the end, you will leave with cool, trendy and designer clothing. How cool Is this? We told you that you will love it!

It’s good to be a part of Flatco family!

When we asked them why they had chosen us for their store, they both gave us similar answers. In addition to the above average price-value ratio, the location, as well the partnership approach and the flexibility offered were key factors. The former is self-understandable for a beauty salon and a fashion store: the hidden, hard-to-reach location would have made businesses impossible, while City Home’s residents, employees, and the daily high-traffic provided a solid foundation on which was worth building.

Regarding the latter, they mentioned that they were definitely looking for a landlord, that will treat them as a partner, and not somebody who treats his tenants as “subordinates”, somebody who is also demanding towards himself and it is not afraid if the client requests major or minor changes.  They found their place with us – which we are truly happy about!

So the only question left is – where do you start? In the beauty salon or the fashion store?



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