Why should I rent Flatco?

Cut out the middleman

We don’t use 3rd party brokers or management agencies, we simply like being in direct contact with our tenants. This means no agency fees, no commissions and no: “Wait… I’m not sure… I have to talk to the owner about it and get back to you…”

Economies of scale

As opposed to your typical grumpy landlord, Flatco is a big company, and it matters:

  • We keep our own repair and maintenance crew. If something goes wrong, we take care of it ourselves and as fast as possible.
  • We have an office where you can always find us so we will never disappear in a moment of need.
  • We work with a standard contract form for all our properties, so you won’t find any bizarre surprises hidden in the fine print.
  • You receive all invoices and receipts on time and in an organized fashion.

We like to pamper

We feel there’s nothing wrong with making your friends just a little bit jealous, so we make the effort to always give our clients a special “edge” over everybody else. That’s why, from time to time, we offer our tenants special and limited deals, benefits or cool gifts and gadgets for their apartment. If you follow us closely there’s a good chance you’ll win extra treats!

Both looks and brains

It’s the 21st century, people! We didn’t just settle for the beautiful stylish designs, but also installed a SmartHome system in all of our new-built apartments, included in the price.

We keep it cool

Budapest can get awfully cold during winter and awfully hot during summer, but we think you should always feel cozy in your own home, so all our apartments have brand new heating and cooling systems to make sure of that.

Safety comes first

We fully understand that “your house is your fortress” so almost all of our new-built apartments have a 24/7 hour security service in the lobby of the building.

The Flatcommunity

We have many tenants all around Budapest. Many of them live in the same neighborhood, study in the same university, work in the same area, eat at the same restaurants or just have a lot in common. We believe there’s great potential in turning this tenant list into a network, a community, that will enable all our clients to meet their neighbors and share ideas and experiences about their homes, their buildings, their neighborhood, or anything really.

We strive to encourage this by creating platforms, both on- and off-line, where this interaction can take place naturally. Active Flatcommunity members may find themselves rewarded with discounts at shops and restaurants in their area or win all sorts of sweet prizes in one of our occasional contests!