Obviously, our clients are very wise for choosing Flatco, and wise people should live in a smart environment. Hey, if phones and watches can be smart and cars can drive themselves, it’s only natural for your home to be smart as well!

With that in mind, we equipped all our new-built apartments with the Zipato smart-home system.

Using smart sensors and switches, it enables our tenants to customize the lighting, blinds and temperature settings in the apartment according to their individual needs, for example by setting pre-arranged modes such as “home” and “away” to determine the temperature and lighting in the apartment at different times of day.

Imagine returning to a warm apartment on a cold rainy day, or to a cool home after a sweaty summer workout without having to keep the AC or heating working for hours while you’re gone and without having to wait impatiently until your flat reaches the perfect temperature. Not only is this comfortable and cool but it also greatly reduces your electric and heating bills!

The system is extremely friendly and intuitive. Everything is controlled via a wall mounted touch-screen central unit and can also be synchronized with your Smartphone through the Zipato app. Our property managers will gladly guide you on how to use it.